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“An epic sounding work that literally oozes thematic quality, with Repetto providing the movie with music that is tantalizing, magical, and haunting, which befits the storyline and the images on screen. The score has to it a Horner/Elfman-esque sound, which at times does break into a more John Williams inspired vibe…” (Movie Music International)

Empire Queen: The Golden Age of Magic (Nicolas Repetto)

Original score from the 2024 fantasy feature film directed by Christopher Dane Owens and Jason Schulz, starring Rachel Sterling, Iván Kamarás and Mary Elise Hayden, produced by HQEQ Films, American Viking Productions and Biederman Owens Entertainment, released by Amazon Prime (USA).

THE STORY: In a kingdom where magic is forbidden, a charming trio of adventurers embark on a dangerous quest in search of the legendary Sovereign Wand, which is needed to overthrow an evil queen and restore magic for all.

THE SCORE: “When I received the news that I was going to score Empire Queen: The Golden Age of Magic my heart filled with immense joy. All the films I had watched when I was a child in the fantasy genre – Willow, The Princess Bride, Dragonslayer, Lord of the Rings – had memorable themes and leitmotifs. I wanted to relive my childhood and bring that sense of musical magic to Empire Queen as well. I wrote the adventure/friendship theme first. It’s a bold brass statement in a quick 12/8 heard in the Main Title. Our trio of main protagonists: Arra Winter, Jade Cross, and Montgomery Sterling have their own motifs as well. Arra’s theme is two-fold: a noble rising statement usually in strings, winds, and choir to showcase her kind-heartedness, the second is a fast version in 6/8 used in scary or fantastical situations to get her out of trouble. Cross’s theme is combination of a rising brass line and percussion hits and Sterling’s theme is swashbuckling and gypsy-ish showcasing his wit and humor. Low and dark textures combined with a brassy, dark musical statement represents the evil Queen Wendolyn and Lord Voss villain theme. I hope you enjoy Empire Queen as I did writing it. Let There Be Magic for Everyone!” – Nicolas Repetto

THE COMPOSER: Argentinian-American composer Nicolas Repetto moved from Miami to Los Angeles in 2012 to pursue a career in film and television scoring and has uplifted many projects with his diverse musical voice. He started his career assisting composers Penka Kouneva and Cliff Eidelman with additional music and orchestration on various media and concert music projects. He recently composed and conducted The Sound of Omega, a new concert work, performed by a 50-piece orchestra at Walt Disney Concert Hall for the unveiling of two new Omega watches, collectively worth $1 Million Dollars. His recent credits include the prohibition-era drama Tijuana (2019), Pipe Dream (2023), A Run for More (2023), The Reunion (2022), The Sound of Identity (2020), the two last-mentioned released by MovieScore Media. His upcoming projects include The Ordeal, a thriller, and James Kicklighter’s next documentary The American Question on the division of the country.

MMS24009 EMPIRE QUEEN: THE GOLDEN AGE OF MAGIC (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by NICOLAS REPETTO
Release date: February 16, 2024

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