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Greed (Oscar Fogelström)

Original score from the 2022 thriller feature film directed by Yam Laranas, starring Nadine Lustre, Diego Loyzaga and Jeffrey Quizon, produced by Viva Films (Philippines).

THE STORY: When a couple finds out they hit the biggest jackpot in the lottery, they make a quiet exit in their sleepy town; however, things don’t go as planned.

THE SCORE: “This score was particularly fun to do as I had the full confidence of long term collaborator, director Yam Laranas. It more or less builds on one main theme that evolves throughout the film, with some additional smaller themes. The main theme is a solemn/sinister theme that tries to portray the feeling of an inevitable impending ‘bad ending’. The film deals with the complexities of life and how an extraordinary event might get you caught up in a web of circumstances that evolve beyond your control, as you are trying to navigate the difficulties of this new situation. That theme can be heard most prominently in ‘Fire Burning’ and ‘Greed’, but also in different iterations in other cues like ‘Trust’ and ‘I Found it’. Musically I was a little bit inspired by stuff like the score for the series Fargo by Jeff Russo that has an existential and sometimes a bit quirky feel to it. I tried to keep the ensemble size fairly small to resonate with the smaller setting and cast of the film, so it’s basically a chamber orchestra, but also a lot of additional recordings and production done in my studio Oceanview Studios. I’m pretty proud of this soundtrack release overall, but my fav tracks are probably ‘Revenge’ and ‘Greed’.” – Oscar Fogelström

THE COMPOSER: Swedish composer Oscar Fogelström has been scoring movies and TV shows for the past 20 years. His clients include award winning movie directors, among them Lasse Hallström for whom he composed the score for Sweden’s entry for the Academy Awards 2013, The Hypnotist. Greed marks his fifth collaboration with director Yam Laranas, following their work together on Abomination (2018), which was nominated for best score at the Sinag Maynila Film Festival. His releases with the MovieScore Media include other Yam Laranas movies, including Aurora (2018) which won ”Best Overall Score 2018” at, Night Shift (2019) and Death of a Girlfriend (2021).

MMS22024 GREED (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by OSCAR FOGELSTRÖM
Release date (digital): April 8, 2022

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