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“An organic soundtrack, but also universal, that allows us to transcend and make the emotions of the three women more understandable.” – Fotogramas

Sinjar (Gerard Pastor)

Original score and original song from the 2022 drama feature film directed by Anna Bofarull, starring Luisa Gavasa, Nora Navas and Halima Ilter, produced by Genius at Large and KaBoGa, released by Filmax (Spain).

THE STORY: The real-life stories of three women living under Isis and their horrific consequences.

THE SCORE: Sinjar is my most subtle music for a film to date. Music connects three apparently unconnected stories under the same umbrella and destroys the geographical distance between the protagonists. At the same time, it reinforces each one of the stories. I combined an unbalanced string orchestra with more low instruments in proportion to high instruments, with some low winds, percussion and electronics. Finally, the circle is closed by adding the udu and the qanun, a Persian string instrument that is the suffering instrumental voice of the movie.” Gerard Pastor

THE COMPOSER: Born in Barcelona in 1984, Gerard Pastor studied piano at the Escola Superior de Musica de Catalunya. Together with Armando Merino, in 2005 he founded the Martinu Ensemble, an ensemble dedicated to the recovery of lost and rarely-performed repertories. He composed music for different short and long films with Anna Bofarull, including Notes al peu (2009) and Sonata per a violoncel (2015), which won Best Music at Idyllwild International Film Festival. In 2011, he worked with the composer Michael Nyman and director Trisha Ziff on The Mexican Suitcase. More recently he was won the Best Music Gaudí Award for Jean-François and the Meaning of Life (2018). His score to the historical movie Barcelona 1714  (2019) has been released by MovieScore Media.

MMS22030 SINJAR (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by GERARD PASTOR
Release date (digital): July 1, 2022

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