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Winter of ’79 (PHAR)

Original score from the 2022 drama short directed by Julia Elihu, starring
Shary Nassimi, Jorge Luis Moreno and Nina Nayebi.

THE STORY: At the onset of the 1979 Iranian Revolution, a Persian-Jewish mother is forced to question her faith to her country. This short film is based on true events.

THE SCORE: How much did I know of Iranian music? Nothing really, but it felt important to Julia (the director) and myself to deep dive into traditional Iranian instrumentation. As Winter of ’79 was relating a true story, the compositions needed to embrace a documentalist approach. Because of the characters trying to flee to the West, it was also natural for me to combine these traditional instruments with a western twist. This is how I decided that I would be recording a string quartet with Tar, Tomback and Kamanche. In the end, this soundtrack became quite a journey for me as well!” – PHAR

THE COMPOSER: Raphaël Dargent (PHAR) graduated from the USC Screen Scoring master program for which he received the Harry Warren Scholarship. He was also admitted into the Pi Kappa Lambda National Music Honor Society. He has scored over 20 feature and documentary shorts in the past five years. His feature film debut,  L’instant présent, directed by Florian Hessique, has been released by MovieScore Media.

SC22003 WINTER OF ’79 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by PHAR (Raphael Dargent)
Release date (digital): June 24, 2022

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