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Wolf (Matthijs Kieboom)

Original score from the 2022 documentary feature film directed by Cees van Kempen, narrated by Matthijs van Nieuwkerk.

THE STORY: About the history and life of wolves throughout Europe, this documentary takes a closer look at the bonds between wolves and other animals, from how they grow up to how they hunt, breed and live.

THE SCORE: Personally I was so happy to be working on a nature film again, to find the balance in the score of supporting the wonderful footage, accompany the voice over and to musically fill in the roll of the dialogue. I’ve interpreted the music as a choreography between three characters: our leading man “Scout” (the young wolf we follow on his journey), Mother Nature (the character that is always present and who can be both comforting and dangerous), and finally we have Mankind. Scout’s Theme is a very melodic theme that is mainly presented to use by low instruments: cello, viola, alto flute and bass flute. I did this because I wanted to almost literally translate his earthy tones and his physical perchance of being low and close to the ground. Mother Earth isn’t presented to us with a melody, but with a tone, an instrument: the Cristal Baschet. A beautiful instrument, made from glass and steel, that can roar like thunder, but can also be the sweetest sound you’ll ever hear. For me, this instrument represents Mother Earth. And if you listen closely, it’s almost always present in the music. Finally we have mankind, not played as a melody, not by a specific instrument, but told with structure, with repetition and technologically advanced instruments. No natural flow, but pulse.” Matthijs Kieboom

THE COMPOSER: Dutch composer Matthijs Kieboom was born in 1985 in the city of Dordrecht. He started his musical education on the cello and the bass guitar before moving onto composition. His first feature film score was co-written for Fuchsia the Mini-Witch in 2010. In 2011, Matthijs won the first place and the title of Transatlantyk Young Composer for 2011 at a competition created by Academy Award winning composer Jan A.P. Kaczmarek. Matthijs later won the Young Talent Award at the Krakow Film Music Festival and had his music played at the closing gala. In 2013, Matthijs collaborated with DJ Armin van Buuren on the BUMA-winning score for I Love Ibiza, the top selling Dutch movie of the year. His previous releases with MovieScore Media include Everything of Value, Bloody Marie, the two family adventure films Pirates Down the Street and Ninjas Down the Street, and the IFMCA-nominated documentary Wild.

RB02004 WOLF (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by MATTHIJS KIEBOOM
Release date (digital): September 13, 2022

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