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Ninjas Down the Street (De piraten van hiernaast: De ninja’s van de overkant) (Matthijs Kieboom)

Original score from the 2022 family adventure feature film directed by Pim van Hoeve, starring Tygo Gernandt, Egbert Jan Weeber and Jung Sun den Hollander, produced by Johan Nijenhuis & Co and released by Dutch Filmworks (Netherlands)

THE STORY: Pirates and ninjas have been at odds for centuries. When a ninja family comes to live in the street, it immediately causes a stir. According to Captain Donderbus, ninjas cannot be trusted, and according to the ninjas, pirates are rude bastards who never wash.

THE SCORE: This film was such a joy to score, paying homage to the great adventure scores I love, combined with martial arts music and pirate shanties. Because its is the second instalment of the series, my task was to create new themes for the new characters that had to sound good with the themes from the first film. Melodies that could flow from one into another, seamlessly. I continued to use the Nyckelharpa from the first film to represent the pirates. The fiddle like quality of the sound fitst that role perfectly. And now, I needed to find an instrument that represented the Ninja’s. I’ve decided to use traditional wind instruments for them, because they are in good contrast with the nyckelharpa, both style & sound, but also because the Ninja’s are as swift as the wind.” – Matthijs Kieboom

THE COMPOSER: Dutch composer Matthijs Kieboom was born in 1985 in the city of Dordrecht. He started his musical education on the cello and the bass guitar before moving onto composition. His first feature film score was co-written for Fuchsia the Mini-Witch (2010). In 2011, Matthijs won the first place and the title of Transatlantyk Young Composer for 2011 at a competition created by Academy Award winning composer Jan A.P. Kaczmarek. He later won the Young Talent Award at the Krakow Film Music Festival and had his music played at the closing gala. In 2013, Matthijs collaborated with DJ Armin van Buuren on the BUMA-winning score for I Love Ibiza, the top selling Dutch movie of the year. His previous releases with MovieScore Media include Everything of Value, Bloody Marie, the IFMCA-nominated documentary Wild and of course the precursor of this movie, Pirates Down the Street.

MMS22025 NINJAS DOWN THE STREET (De piraten van hiernaast: De ninja’s van de overkant) (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by MATTHIJS KIEBOOM
Release date (digital): April 20, 2022

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