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G-Loc (Max Sweiry)

MovieScore Media teams up with Max Sweiry (Black Site, The Ascent) for his latest high-concept sci-fi for writer/director Tom Paton, G-Loc. The fifth collaboration between the filmmaker and the composer finds fugitive Bran Marshall (Stephen Moyer) fleeing Earth through The Gate to find a new home on Rhea. Early human settlers however have decided that they are no longer welcoming refugees, forcing Bran on a journey which finds him in an unlikely alliance with a Rhean woman named Ohsha Rainer (Tala Gouveia) in order to stop a devastating catastrophe for new Earth refugees. Yet the question remains if mankind could ever peacefully coexist with itself…

”Tom Paton and I felt that Bran and Ohsha’s journey would benefit from being accompanied by a classical score in order to use a variety of textures and themes to highlight the emotions felt on screen. Individual instrumental techniques were used to create tension and unease; a great example of this is the song entitled ‘Enter With Caution’, where tremolo strings and fluttered woodwind give the audience that same uneasy feeling that Bran has when he enters the spaceship. In contrast to this, the main theme in the opening of the film uses lush legato strings and a full pronounced horn section, underscored by staccato strings and woodwind to give movement, as well as significance, to this epic scene where we are introduced to ‘the gate’ and the history of this vast universe. It was a great pleasure to work on G-Loc using the knowledge I have as a classically trained musician.”

London based composer Max Sweiry started his musical studies by playing the cello, appearing with youth orchestras all across Britain. He received his degree of Music Production at Leeds College of Music with Honours. He has been working together with writer/director Tom Paton since Pandorica (2016). The main focus of their collaborations is diversity, ranging from the 80s electronica soundscape of Black Site to the enhanced suspense music of The Ascent, both of which have been released by MovieScore Media.

MMS20016 G-LOC (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by MAX SWEIRY
Release date (digital): August 7, 2020

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