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Quién eres (Joan Vilà)

MovieScore Media continues its exploration of great Spanish film music by releasing the Hollywood Music in Media Award-winner score for Quién eres by Joan Vilà. Directed by Javier Alba, the film tells the story of María (Paula Ribó), a young woman who shares a flat with Clara (Majo Cordonet) who is a few years older than her. When the mysterious Lucas (Sergio Sánchez) arrives one day, the worlds of Clara and María collide, and as a result of their discussions, María makes a decision to take her own trip down memory lane in order to find out the truth about Lucas’s dark past.

Quién eres is a drama and horror movie which talks about loneliness, friendship and genre violence,” explains composer Joan Vilà about the projects. ” From the very beginning the director, Javier Alba gave me a lot of freedom to compose the soundtrack of the film, experimenting with different kinds of instruments. I worked with a solo soprano for the feeling inside of the main female character, on the other hand creating a haunting ambient with different kinds of percussion and winds as the fear, piano and strings as a dramatic narrative bridge, and the whole soundtrack gets more and more dark as it approaches the end.”

Born in Barcelona, Joan Vilà has been active in the film music scene since 2016. He is most active in the field of short films, with Javier Alba’s Macarrones con tomate (2018) and What is Love? (2019), both of which have been given a Jerry Goldsmith Award in the category of best short film score with three other nominations to his name. More recently, Joan’s music for Quién eres is the recipient of the Hollywood Music in Media Award in the category of Best Original Score for an Foreign Language Independent Film.

MMS20015 QUIÉN ERES (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Release date (digital): August 7, 2020

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