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Hostile Territory (John Koutselinis)

Original score from the 2022 western drama feature film directed by Brian Presley, starring Matt McCoy, Brea Bee and Brad Leland, produced by P12 Films and released by Saban Films (USA).

THE STORY: In post-civil war America, when a Union soldier is presumed dead, his children are mistakenly sent away on the orphan train. This is a wild-west story of people uniting for the greater good, and children forced to grow up quickly.

THE SCORE: “It’s always a thrill to be asked to compose thematic material and this was such opportunity in writing music for the film Hostile Territory. The arrangements are multifaceted, although mainly orchestral. Small ensembles depict the beginnings of a new family and, in contrast, full orchestral  arrangements reflect the battles taking place in the film, with a few choral moments underlining somber moments. Cellist Marek Elznic, vocalists Rebecca Joelle and Melany Dantes-Mortimer and violinist Anna Phoebe have brought a real soul to the score. I am hugely grateful for the artistry and thrilled to have them on this soundtrack. It was also great to work once again with members of the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and conductor Nic Raine.”- John Koutselinis

THE COMPOSER: John Koutselinis has composed music for over 40 projects including the award-winning series We Are Angels, the multi-award-winning historical fantasy short Centurion Resurrection, Dragonball Z & The League of Legends which has amassed over 15 million views, and the music for producer/director Brian Presley’s previous movie, The Great Alaskan Race. John is the recipient of four awards, including ‘Best Music Score’ by the Sydney Independent Film Festival for the original score of the film Nephilim, and the ‘Best Music’ award by the British Horror Film Festival for In Extremis. He is also the recipient of several nominations, including nominations for the prestigious Jerry Goldsmith Award.

MMS22011 HOSTILE TERRITORY (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by JOHN KOUTSELINIS
Release date (digital): April 22, 2022

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