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Last Film Show (Cyril Morin)

Original score from the 2021 drama feature film directed by Pan Nalin, starring Dipen Raval, Rahul Koli and Bhavin Rabari, produced by Monsoon Films and released by Samuel Goldwyn Films (USA), Karma Films (Spain).

THE STORY: When the magic of movies conquers nine-year young Samay’s heart; he moves heaven and earth in pursuit of his 35mm dreams unaware of heartbreaking times that awaits him.

THE SCORE: Nalin wanted to have the music coming from the real sounds of the film and later eventually become a melody. We used a lot of synthetic sounds in order to bond with the sounds coming from the trains, the factory, the projector. The inspiration of the melody for Samay came from the train sounds to reach later the fascination Samay will have for light and films. Beside ‘sounds coming from the film’, when a melody is coming from it, I use a piano, flutes and also a marimba, a guitar, a saxophone, which have nothing to do with a local music. When Samay is alone I use a sort of dobro guitar inspired by American blues. I use it also as sound effect. The presence of synthesizer and sequencers are bigger than usual because of the 1970s sounds influence (who is also nowadays sound) and because of Andrei Tarkovsky’s choices. I also use percussions the same way I did for Samsara to express a quest, a movement. The bansuri flute is linked with the loneliness but more with Baa, Samay’s mother. This film is a real homage to a time that influenced us so much. Those movies, made with real film and reels are the reasons why I still work on movies today. I’m lucky to share the journey with Pan Nalin who is the real successor of all those masters.” – Cyril Morin

THE COMPOSER: Cyril Morin is an Academy member, a multi-award winning composer, who has scored over 150 soundtracks for both film and television.  His score for the critically acclaimed Samsara (directed by Pan Nalin), won honors at AFI and festivals in Santa Barbara and Melbourne. The soundtrack continues to be a hit internationally, garnering many dedicated fans, and has made Morin something of a cult composer. He was nominated for a World Soundtrack Award and a European Film Award for The Syrian Bride, and his score for Little Jerusalem, which screened during Critics week at the Cannes Film Festival, earning him two awards. Other projects include Sandrine Bonaire’s Flaubert adaptation A Simple Heart, Gaspard Uliel’s Ultimatum and the Eran Riklis’s Human Resources Manager, which won Best Score in Valladolid, Spain. On television, he has scored Tom Fontana’s Borgia and Arnaud Xainte’s high-rated documentaries. Besides writing music, Morin directed The American Trilogy which includes the political thriller The Activist, the AIDS-themed ensemble drama NYC84 and the tech love story Hacker’s Game Redux.

MMS22010 LAST FILM SHOW (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by CYRIL MORIN
Release date (digital): March 18, 2022

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