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L’instant présent (Raphaël Dargent)

Original score from the 2021 romantic drama directed by Florian Hessique, starring Martin Lamotte, Florian Hessique and Alice Raucoules, produced by Association FH Production and released by Panocéanic Films (France).

THE STORY: After a fall from a horse that left him in a coma for almost ten years, Joshua returns to the stables he knew so well. Welcomed by Mario and Alice, he recognizes nothing and nobody. During the day, they will try to bring back some memories in the head of the man they were so close to, but who, today, seems to be a complete stranger.

THE SCORE: “What if I was given an orchestra to write music for a carousel? What would that sound like? That was the underlying concept behind the score for L’instant présent. The idea came naturally as horse riding is a core theme of the movie. In addition, composing music that conveys the idea of an infinite circle felt like a great fit with the narrative structure. I chose an orchestra with very little brass and arranged the music to make it feel reminiscent of childhood, with subtle and light hearted textures. It was the best way to embrace the naivety and nostalgia that the director was looking for.” – PHAR (Raphaël Dargent)

THE COMPOSER: Raphaël Dargent graduated from the USC Screen Scoring master program for which he received the Harry Warren Scholarship. He was also admitted into the Pi Kappa Lambda National Music Honor Society. He has scored over 20 feature and documentary shorts in the past five years with L’instant présent marking his feature film debut.

MMS21040 L’INSTANT PRÉSENT (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by PHAR (Raphaël Dargent)
Release date (digital): June 11, 2021

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