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Ogre (Flemming Nordkrog)

Original score from the 2021 fantasy drama feature film directed by Arnaud Malherbe, starring Ana Girardot, Samuel Jouy and Giovanni Pucci, produced by Gloria Films and 2.4.7 Films.

THE STORY: Six-year-old Jules and his mother Chloé land in deserted French countryside. To start a new life, far from a painful past, she has accepted to take over the village school. But the apparently quiet community is consumed by the unexplained disappearance of a little boy months ago.

THE SCORE: We had to find what musical universe could help us get into the inner life of Jules, a child who was terrorized by his violent father and who uses his disability (greatly reduced hearing) as a refuge. When he feels insecure, he turns off the hearing aid, so he can no longer hear the real world. So the music has a big role to play to get under the skin of Jules. For him it is a calming world, but in his new life in the country side, where his mother has found a safe place for them to live, it is also there, in the inner sounds, that his nightmare begins. I imagined music that could come from the sounds we hear in silence: tinnitus, blood flowing through the ear, muffled noise from outside, but also sounds from the nature, the surrounding woods. That became my musical starting point. The music then evolves to reveal a strange, fantasy world, but also a spooky world where trolls can live. As if the troll, the Ogre, came from Jules himself, and which allows us to play with what we do not know for sure when we see the movie: Is the monster really there, or does the troll exist only in Jules’ imagination. I use a lot of children voices in the score. It is actually my own daughters that sings, hums and makes strange noises. It helped us to upon up the narration: What if the Ogre has been there like forever and the ghosts of all the children he has eaten are somehow warning and guiding Jules through singing?” – Flemming Nordkrog

THE COMPOSER: Danish composer Flemming Nordkrog has been writing music to accompany motion pictures since 1996. Over the years, it has amounted to more than 100 productions – from feature films, short fiction to documentaries and TV-series. Flemming Nordkrog has been working internationally, and has worked on several projects in France, Belgium and USA. His recent credits include the French-Tunisian film Arab Blues by Manele Labidi, Ogre director the Arnaud Malherbe’s television series Moloch and the hit HBO Europe series Kamikaze. His latest release with MovieScore Media are the Danish fantasy film Wildwitch and the Brazilian immigration drama Shine Your Eyes.

MMS22012 OGRE (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Release date (digital): April 20, 2022

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