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“Jeff Grace’s soundtrack is stunningly emotional and upon many listens, it is hard to imagine Stake Land as purely horrific, no-brainer vampire film. The soundtrack shines with moments of pure beauty, which, once coupled with their respective images on screen, should prove to be quite touching.” (Spectacular Optical)

Stake Land (Jeff Grace)

Screamworks Records’ first release is a very strong soundtrack: the postapocalyptic vampire road movie (!) Stake Land, composed by the brilliant Jeff Grace (The House of the Devil, I Sell the Dead, The Last Winter). This is an intriguing work that combines elements of folk Americana, intimate piano music and aggressive orchestral action music.

The album is available on CD and online following the US release of the film in April 2011 and coming out just before the UK theatrical release on June 17.

SWR11001 • STAKE LAND (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by JEFF GRACE
Release date: May 24, 2011 (CD/online)

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